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Patient and Public Involvement

Health Link Report on Involvement St. Ann's Haringey

Outcome of two workshops with Community stakeholders on the future of the St. Ann's site in Haringey

Appendices to St Ann's Involvement Report

Appendices showing the information given to participants to inform discussion at the St. Ann's workshops

What do patients need from professionals?

Draft Skills and Qualities Speficifiation for healthcare professionals developed in a Health Link workshop for the Medical Education England Shape of Training Project. To give your views on this specification go to

Report Evidence on Lay Monitoring in the NHS - Ambassadors for Public Opinion in the NHS

A report of a survey of ex Patients Forum and CHC members on the improvements secured for patients through their visiting

Summary Report on Consulting Traditionally Under represented groups on Healthcare for London

Summary Report of consultation with a wide range fo groups from prisoners and offenders to disabled children, on hte Healthcare for London Proposals, with Framework of Needs

Health Link's paper The Essentials of Patient and Public Involvement requested by the Bill Committee

Link to Health Link's oral evidence to House of Commons Bill Committee on Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill

Health Link Evidence to the Health Select Committee

Link to Health Link's oral evidence to the Health Select Committee

Health Link Innovation in Patient and Public Involvement

What really matters for patients when seeing a GP? Patients' Parliament Draft Standards for GP Practices

the Patients Parliament has developed a set of detailed standards and indicators based on their perspective as patients, on what matters to them when using a GPs services. They are currently consulting marginalised groups in thier communities on whether the standards would also meet their needs.

Community Connections

a report of Health Link's project to connect Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust and Kensington & Chelsea PCT Patients Forums to the marginalised groups in their communities

Briefing on LINKs and the PPI laws

What the new law means for public involvement in health and social care

Report on Patient and Public Involvement in Hornsey Neighbourhood Health Centre March 2009

Patients' Parliament

Partnership for Patients

E-Learning Choice Pilot Report Yorkshire & Humber Public Libraries

Report of the piloting of Health Links E-Learning for Library staff on supporting patients in Choice and Choose and Book

Partnership for Patients Project Report

The outcome of 10 partnerships which trained and supported public library staff to help patients - whether IT literate or not - in Choice.

Information & Support for Choice and the Public Library Service - Feasibility Study

Information as the New Healthcare

Executive Summary Feasibility Study

Partnership for Patients Update One January 2007

Partnership for Patients Update Two March 2007

Partnership for Patients Response to the DH Commissioning Framework Consultation

What can libraries do for health...?

Partnership for Patients Update Three April 2007

Partnership for Patients Project Update May-June 2007

Progress on Partnership for Patients in May and June

Partnership for Patients Update September 2007

progress with the pilots including data on GPs feedback and information on 'Taking Health to Libraries' and 'Taking Libraries to Health' Events in some pilot areas

Patients Choice

IPPR and Health Link Equitable Choices Report.

Taking Soundings on Maternity Choice for Disadvantaged Women in SE London.

Summary - Taking Soundings on Maternity Choice for Disadvantaged Women in SE London

Taking Soundings - Patient and Public Involvement in the London Patients Choice Project with patients including 'Hard to Reach' groups

Executive Summary - Taking Soundings

The Challenge of Choice - Available but not Accessible?

Health and Homelessness

Involving Homeless People in Patients Forum Monitoring - Evaluation

This report was commissioned by Health Link and the evaluation was carried out by Sarah Gorton, a consultant working in health and homelessness.

Listening to Homeless People

Consultation Responses

Health Link Response to DH Commissioning Framework Consultation

what Health Link's PPI Network members think about commissioning health and social care

Patients' Parliament Response to NHS Constitution


Local Involvement Network Training Needs Survey 2010

London LINK member views on their training needs

Aston University Evaluation of our NHS Staff Training

Department of Health funded independent evaluation of our staff training in patient and public involvement


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